eMentoring outreach initiatives during the Covid-19 Pandemic

eTutoring by T2L and Acheve Foundation

eTutoring Class X and Class XII rural school students by IITMadras Undergraduate and Graduate Students

In partnership with Acheve Foundation USA, headed by Prof. Vish Krishnan from University of California San Diego, Teach To Learn from from IIT Madras provides academic tutoring to Class X and XII Students of an orphanage run school in Kanyakumari. SKG Ashram is a non-profit organisation which provides food, shelter and education for orphans and destitute children. Around 20 Undergraduate and Graduate Students from IIT Madras tutor the ashram students in Chemistry and English in preparation for the board exams.


S.No Tutors S.No Tutors
1 Rahul Shivanand, B.Tech, Electrical Engineering 11 Abhilash B, Dual Degree, Electrical Engineering
2 Rheno Pau Rl, B.Tech, Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering P 12 Tejashree Murugan, Dual Degree, Biological Engineering, Dept. of Biotechnology
3 3. Adithya G, B.Tech, Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering 13 Rohith Srinivas M, Dual Degree, Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
4 Aswanth R, B.Tech, Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering 14 Rishikesh K V, M.S, Dept. of Applied Mechanics
5 Shyam V S, B.Tech, Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering 15 Akshaya P, Integrated MA in Development Studies
6 Rishab Karthik R, B.Tech, Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering 16 Urudhimozhi S, Integrated MA in Humanities & Social Sciences
7 7. Mosikeeran S, B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering 17 17. Keerthana C, PhD, Dept. of Biotechnology
8 Syed Arshad Hussain, B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering 18 Vidhya G, PhD , Dept. of Biotechnology
9 Shrinidhi H, B.Tech, Civil Engineering 19 Sruthi R J, PhD, Dept. of Biotechnology
10 Vikas Vardhan M, B.Tech, Naval Architecture 20 Karthikeyan J, PhD, Dept. of Applied Mechanics
21 Refiya Hussain, PhD , Dept. of Applied Mechanics


Tutor Registration

In this step, tutor services were solicited from the students at IIT Madras. Over 40 volunteers signed up. In Phase I, 20 out of these tutors were selected for teaching 2 subjects.

Tutor Orientation

Selected Tutors were given orientation on the objective of the program and the expectations from them. They were also made aware of systematic preparation, the Dos and Don’ts of remote teaching and were also briefed on the background of the Tutees.

Tutor-Tutee Connection

The Tutees and Tutors were grouped based on the subject and schedules. Each group was officially connected. A session delivery framework, overall session planning and topic planning was done during this meeting with the help of a teacher and the principal of the school.

Tutoring Sessions

Phase I

This phase started in October with a goal of enabling 15 class XII children to take their Chemistry and English board exams with confidence and knowledge. During early November 2020, our Graduate student volunteers commenced tutoring English for class X students. We see this as an opportunity beyond tutoring, that which can create a lasting impact on the students. The Tutors are making tremendous efforts to prepare and teach the children who are all from very poor backgrounds and are presently struggling to learn academic subjects. The sessions are planned in a manner that is not only interesting but also takes the students beyond the text book and makes learning an impactful experience.


Adversity, lack of access to technology, disconnect from learning environment, and demotivation from the uncertain times have led these children to fear the exams. Our Tutors are now offering tremendous support and help in this regard. We hope to do our best to prepare these children for taking their board exams successfully. Thanks to Prof. Krishnan for bringing our attention to the needs of these students.

Next Steps

Phase II will include more grades and other subjects too.