Project Model

TREND is a residential training program for rural government school children. During the training, the Graduate Students(M.Tech.,PhD Scholars) from IIT Madras provide Hands-On Training on Device Engineering.


  • A large number of students can be trained in a short period of time.
  • Can reach schools located even in remote areas.
  • Has the potential to sustain and spread.

Direct Beneficiaries

Students who get trained during this workshop are the direct beneficiaries. They not only learn from graduate students, they also visit and attend the workshop in a premier institution. This will inspire and motivate the students. At the training, they are equipped to go back and teach their peers. Peer-teaching benefits such as enhanced learning, knowledge gain, improved communication and planning skills are directly experienced by these students.

Indirect Beneficiaries

The schools benefit by giving this opportunity for the selected students to take leadership roles. The rest of the students also get the information and knowledge through peer-learning. This develops brotherhood and gives access to information and knowledge even when situated in a remote area.

For the Mentors who are about to become young professionals, this experience will hone their leadership skills and enhance their sense of responsibility.


The implementation process involves working with the education board to mobilise and select schools situated in far off rural places from different districts. Subsequently the selected schools are invited for a one-week training. After the training, field officers coordinate with the schools to monitor the teaching process.

Create Awareness

The participants are made aware of the model concept, the training process and the implementation details. Roles, responsibilities and expectations are also discussed.

Training/Implementation in Schools

Non-Cognitive Training

The Students are given Inter Personal Skills (Non-Cognitive) Training related to Communication, Presentation and Learning.

Device Engineering

The students are given hands-on training to dismantle, assemble and learn functionality of mechanical devices that they see in their everyday life. For example: Electric iron, Hair Dryer etc. Sample device and necessary materials for the students to go back and teach their fellow students will be provided as a kit at the end of this one-week training.

Peer Teaching

The trained students use the knowledge, training and mentoring given during the training workshop and teach their peers.


Feedback will be systematically collected during the training and the implementation to monitor and assess the impact of the implementation.

The first implementation of TREND will happen from 2nd Dec to 6th Dec at IITMadras. 55 Students from 12 districts of Tamilnadu will get the training.

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